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Flea Market Booth Tips Display Merchandise

Tips for Flea Market Booth Display

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Tips on Display at your Flea Market Booth

  1. Make sure that you and your booth are clean. Dress nicely, but casually. You need to look approachable.
  2. Arrive early so that you will have plenty of time to set up your booth up before the flea market opens. You may reduce your set up time by carefully labeling your merchandise and display materials in boxes you bring.
  3. Plan to deal with changing weather conditions at an outdoor flea markets Bring plastic sheets to protect your merchandise against rain and clips to hold the covers securely to the table in case of wind.
  4. Use a clean and pressed fabric for your table cover that is large enough to cover your table and drape all the way to the floor. It is more attractive and it gives you a good place to store boxes out of view.
  5. Take a picture of your booth when you are done setting it up. You can examine the picture later to see what elements you like and what you think could use improvement.
  6. Be certain that you have brought enough merchandise to last through the entire sale.
  7. Use display racks. Products on display at eye-level are the first noticed. You can purchase display racks from or have a handy person make them for you.
  8. When displaying jewelry, use black or white materials for display. The contrast makes the jewelry catch the eye better.
  9. You should also consider using your own body as a means of displaying your jewelry. If you do this, wear clothing that will have good contrast with the jewelry and show it off well.
  10. Replace items that have sold with new merchandise right away.
  11. If you choose to accept credit cards, then be sure to make a sign letting people know.
  12. You should also make signs that display your web site’s URL and prominently display your business cards.
  13. Even at flea markets, some states require that you display your business license. Check with the flea market organizer to be sure.
  14. Some additional tips of handy things to bring:
  15. paper towels or handi-wipes
    shopping bags
    brooms and dustpans
    extension cords
    a Trash can



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